Leapfrog Consulting was founded in 2001 to help public sector and nonprofit
organizations grow and work collaboratively to reach their goals and fulfill their
dreams. The stronger we become, the better we can serve our communities.

Leapfrog Consulting is ready to facilitate your next retreat or high-stakes
meeting, design an inclusive strategic visioning process, or help you create
alignment about the future direction of your organization. We are experienced
and innovative in our approach, utilizing best practices from the fields of
organizational development and transformative learning. We are skilled in
helping groups work together collaboratively as well as facilitating leaders
through tough challenges.

Leapfrog Consulting can pull together a dynamic group of consultants to help
support you individually, as a team, organization, or partnership. We offer a
variety of services:

Consulting including strategic visioning and planning, design and
graphic facilitation of short and long-term change processes

ranging from facilitation skills to leadership development

Strategic Communications
presenting your ideas, visions, and
messages in ways people can understand

Take a look at our Client List, browse our Portfolio.     
We are looking forward to working with you!

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